Our Repair Process

Throughout the repair process your device will  be always handled with care by our team in our clean environment. Our technicians are also fully insured for all device repairs and have 22 years shared experience. Rest assured you'll have total satifaction with our service.

Mobile Phone Repair

Below are some of our services we offer. If your not sure or something is not listed please give us a call or pop into our store.

Screen Replacements

  • Screen Replacements
  • Glass Replacements
  • Amoled screen replacements
  • LCD Replacements


  • Debricking/Rooting
  • Stock/Custom OS Restoration
  • Custom OS/ROM Installation
  • Complete factory restore

Battery Replacements

  • Battery replacements
  • Internal battery replacements
  • Battery testing
  • Battery upgrades

Button Replacements

  • Home button replacements
  • Volume button replacements
  • Fingerprint sensor replacements
  • Power button replacements

Data Destruction/Recovery

  • Logical data recovery/destruction
  • SD card data recovery/destruction
  • Low-level data recovery/destruction
  • USB/System/Recovery/destruction


  • Network Unlocking
  • FRP Removal
  • MDM Removal
  • All makes and models supported..